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"Keys To The Future"
Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Piano
Pedagogy Conference

University of Adelaide
12th - 16th July 2005


Papers - Part 1

Each paper published in Part 1 was subjected to peer review of the
complete paper by independent referees.

Carey, Dr. Gemma M. "Curricula and Pedagogy for the 21st Century"
Lau, Yvonne. "Esperance by Chris Dench: a discussion of pedagogic problems and their solutions"
Lockett, Dr. David R. "Keys to a Future: Prospects for Tertiary Music Graduates"
Logan, Dr. Christine J. "Thinking Orchestrally - Frank Martin’s Etudes for Two Pianos"
Roennfeldt, Prof. Peter. "New World Accents – American Piano Repertoire composed during the lifetime of Claude Debussy"
Zhukov, Dr. Katie. "Good Sight-Readers: Born or Bred?"


Papers - Part 2

It has not proved possible to include all illustrations used by authors of papers in Part 2. However, in order to maintain the flow and sense of papers concerned, prompts and references to such illustrations have been retained.
Bragge, Peter et al. "Piano teachers’ perceptions of risk factors associated with Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PRMDs) in elite pianists"
Brandman, Margaret. "The Geography of the Piano and the Symmetry of the Hands: New Ways with Old Scales"
Caramia, Tony. "Cakewalkin' on the Keys"
Caramia, Tony.
"The Art of Modern Recital Programming: Using the New to Promote the Old"
Coates, Samantha. "Theory in 7 Minutes"
Coote, Darryl G. "Is Mozart’s piano music dead?"
de Souza, Flavia. "Using A Paper Puzzle And Stories To Teach Children Music"
Fitch, Assoc. Prof. Graham. "The Keyboard Music of Jean-Phillipe Rameau: Is this Viable on the Piano?"
Foo, Chi-onn. "Group Piano Teaching- An Interactive and Experiential Approach"
Herscovitch, Daniel. "Ways to more Efficient and Productive Piano Practice"
Lancaster, E.L. and Kowalchyk, Gayle. "Are Piano Students Really Different Today?"
Lancaster, E.L. and Kowalchyk, Gayle. "The Professional Piano Teacher in the 21st Century: How Can I Really Keep Up?"
Maydwell, Faith. "Coasting, Roasting or Toasting - Designer Piano Teachers"
Petite, Katharin. "The Petite Scales of Major Scales"
Riddle, Glenn. "Australian piano music for children"
Tait, Hamish A. and Blaiklock, Bronwyn A. "Outreach, Piano Pedagogy and the Future with Technology"


Part 3

Part 3 consists of other documents, such as the conference program, program notes from the conference recitals, and the minutes of the APPCA's Biennial General Meeting.
APPC Programme
Programme Flyer
Master Classes
List of Registrants
Keys to the Future (title/credits)


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