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Since its establishment in 1965, the School of Music has become a ‘meeting place’ in Australia for local, national and international professionals, students and visitors who all share a common passion and commitment to music.

The School embraces all aspects of music and strives to improve on its current reputation for excellence and creativity. The School’s commitment to active research and performance has fostered music growth and production locally, nationally and internationally. To achieve this, the staff members of the School are involved in a multitude of concerts, seminars, conferences, recordings and research in order to identify and diversify the School’s position as a premiere music institution.

The School of Music believes that true learning best occurs in an academic environment that promotes dialogue between the teacher and student. School of Music staff focus on each student’s talent, insights, interests and needs in order to determine the focus of her or his own work. As a result, students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their endeavours, and are better able to apply what they have learned. 

As such, our graduates hold a variety of positions in orchestras and music institutions throughout the world. Many graduates have also established solo careers, are teachers, music educators or involved in arts administration and marketing.  The School of Music is a wonderful place to pursue your professional life and dreams.